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We all have a story to tell - whether that be our own or about something we are  passionate about. For me, my passion for storytelling specifically in the entertainment industry stems from seeing how minority groups were misrepresented in TV shows or movies growing up. Since then, I have made it my mission to change these narratives and become a voice for groups that I identify with, but also for others as well.


As a journalist, I am responsible and motivated to tell the stories of others through different platforms. I am a 'get-goer' who can transition from a hard news reporter to an entertainment reporter, photographer, or videographer in a heartbeat. Being able to shed light on certain minority groups or trends allow me to create conversations that can educate, inform, and entertain. 


At the core, I am a news junkie who enjoys cooking, working out and watching "Money Heist" on Netflix.  I enjoy having conversations on social media and with others about the content I consume, and seeing how that affects trends or news I keep up with. Having the ability to create or change a narrative or conversation is what keeps me going in this field. Being able to impact at least one person fulfills me and shows me the importance of being a journalist today.

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